VIRANOX – It’s D Day for viruses.


Viranox. Fortified Colostrum. (60) Tablets.  Its D Day for Viruses


Support: Colostrum provides natural immune system support, helping keep you healthy and well.

Protection: Antibodies, IgG, IgA & IgM work in synergy to promote and maintain immunity at the gut, oral and respiratory barriers.

Defence: Lactoferrin & Transferrin support natural responses to challenges against your immune system and provide additional defence.

Bovine colostrum is a naturally-occurring substance collected from pasture-fed cows. Its powerful proteins and antibodies support your body’s immune system, helping you feel fit, healthy and protected. With no added gluten, salt, artificial colouring or preservatives.
*based on daily dose of 2 tablets.


  • 1000mg Total Bovine Immunoglobulin


For best results, dissolve 2 tablets on the tongue. Allow residual to remain in the mouth for maximum absorption.