Why I would like you to try Colostrum

    I was number the #1 skeptic.

    However I gradually learnt about colostrum and a little about the technical stuff - how its made and what it does - and slowly I became a convert. The evidence was so clear I could not dispute it.

    I have spent my life in the outdoors as a deer culler and for the last 30 years as a fishing and hunting guide. I've spent many a night on hard wet ground or more days than I could ever count wading up mountain rivers. I'm a pretty fit individual who has never had a days illness so it stands to reason I'm not taking colostrum to cure an ill.
    I'm taking colostrum because I suspect I might be a good candidate for worn out joints and arthritis etc.. but also because I come into contact daily with people who have traveled from all over the world who invariably catch the flu or some bug on the plane. So I need a strong immune system otherwise I would be always catching something!
    My friend became the modern innovator of colostrum after family illness created an interest in the human immune system. He developed the delivery mechanism (Alpha Lipid) which made the benefits of colostrum available to the body.
    Over the years I came to know how colostrum is made and extracted and the benefits to the human body.
    I have visited the Westland dairy factory where a huge investment was made to process colostrum to my friends exacting standards. He has a medical team and scientists continually researching this process and even in recent times they found a new way of processing colostrum so that an important immunity component was left untouched - but is killed by all other processes.I am not in the business of colostrum as such - so I think I have an open mind and much of what I know has come about because I have been standing in the background and observing.
    For example we were on a fishing trip last year to the West Coast when my friend asked if I would mind if we had a look at the new plant Westland were installing for his colostrum processing. I was stunned by the investment and the science that was going into it and when you see this first hand you realise this is no 'back room' operation.

    The problem is everyone is now climbing on the bandwagon and claiming almost anything is colostrum. Ie 6-10 day milk is colostrum... well maybe it is technically but the immune factor has to be so low it is closer to milk powder. They through the words New Zealand colostrum around without any assault on their consence, knowing full well it's from grain fed cows in North America - but also knowing you are not going to challenge this!

    As a matter of interest I take my colostrum using 'Lifeline' in a milkshake every morning. I put one scoop of Lifeline in the machine, one banana, and a large spoon of wheatgerm and set it going for a few minutes. The question is does it do me any good?. Well I ain't sick! But how do you measure its effectiveness?

    I sold some 'Lifeline' to a person who had contracted Crohns disease from taking the drug accutane and they found that colostrum kept the disease suppressed. After a while she felt so good she stopped taking the colostrum but became ill again a short while later and since going back on colostrum the condition has cleared up. She wrote to me commenting that the danger from taking it is you can feel so healthy you neglect to take it.

    We now sell quite a bit of it because doctors advise their clients to buy it. Ie. a customer suffered from what was described as chronic flu symptoms and her doctor put her on colostrum to build up her immune system.
    I have a client who is surgeon in Australia who specialises in stomach operations and he told me he is now giving his patients colostrum prior to operations to reduce the risk of infection.

    From my perspective the evidence that colostrum is helping us lead healthier lives has been growing to the point where I can not ignore it.