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Welcome To My New Zealand Colostrum Store - I Hope I Can Assist You To Achieve Great Health and Well-being.

Alan Simmons believes that by taking a product like colostrum while you are healthy is the best investment you will ever make. A hospital bed is not the place to wish you had done more to look after yourself.
I'm Alan Simmons
Please read my story to understand why I sell colostrum.


  • June 2015 - Launch of our new product HairCell v3 We believe this product is leading the way in hair health. HairCell is an natural hair therapy scientifically designed to deliver info-peptides (PRP) to your hair stem cells encouraging renewed cellular health. The result is a healthy scalp, renewed hair volume, colour, shine and lustre all the while boosting your bodies immune system.
  • March 2013 - Any problems with order deliveries / payment please email Sophie who is in charge of processing and dispatch and she will happily attend to your enquiry. Email rich.soph77@gmail.com
  • Dec 2012 - Infant formula is now illegal for us to export via the mail so we have removed it from our product list. In recent times NZ supermarket shelves have been stripped of local product due to "Asian families" posting vast amounts of it to China. The Chinese authorities are very sensitive to infant formula products and NZ authorities have agreed to a secure supply chain to China which excludes the post.
  • Jan 2011 - A copy of the MS Magazine New Pathways Article in the UK! Issue 64 Nov/Dec 2010
  • May 2010 - Healthcare Professionals begin to take notice! Read about it
  • Nov 2009 - I had lunch with Shauna McLean the MS sufferer as per the Woman's Day article. More in my next newsletter but suffice to say she is incredible and an inspiration and hope to all MS and degenerative disease sufferers. Read about our meeting.
  • Dec 1996 - Launch of selling colostrum online via a health forum.
  • We distribute only the finest grade colostrum from the worlds leading producer. Colostrum is one of natures miracles and is now rapidly becoming the food of the 21st century. The worlds best Colostrum is produced right here in "Clean Green" New Zealand by people with a passion for health and the environment. By building a healthy immune system, Colostrum provides an important first line of defence against illness and now with the discoveries of Adult Stem cell regeneration it is more important than ever to take certified colostrum to give your immune system its best chance to maximise adult stem cell regeneration.

      Alpha Lipid colostrum and Colostem may assist stem cell enhancement. No other colostrum can come close
    • All colostrum is not created equal - Our supplier is New Zealand's pioneer in production and research. All our Colostrum is collected from 1-2 day milkings and contains the Highest Immune Factors of any other brand! It is collected fresh and not frozen as some are -freezing destroys the bioactivity of Colostrum.
    • All our Colostrum contains Alpha Lipid a patented delivery mechanism to enhance colostrum's bio-availability in the gut. This is a must as most ordinary colostrum powder / pills/ tablets is attacked by the gastric juices! Alpha Lipid coats the colostrum protecting it so that all of the colostrum is absorbed by the body. This makes the Alpha Lipid product many more times more effective than any other colostrum.
    • Please read our information in detail as it contains a huge wealth of information on health issues. Links to "more information" are provided with each individual product as well as under the navigation section titled "pages" we have included a links page to a huge wealth of information.
    • Colostrum is not only used for human wellness but athletes also use it to assist in training. It helps to keep illness at bay during training but also in repairing tissue and muscle damage. Animals also benefit such as racing dogs like Greyhounds or show dogs and cats as well as the keeping the loved family pet healthy.
    • Prices. Our prices are in New Zealand Dollars. Our reasons are the fluctuations of international currencies and also that colostrum is a New Zealand Made Product so it's manufacturing costs are established in NZ$. Please check out our live currency converter to establish the estimated price in your currency. NZ delivered product will have GST added at the checkout.
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