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shauna mclean

Alan Simmons of & Shauna McLean (Woman's Day Article) Lunch on Gold Coast

Early in November 2009, Alan Simmons accompanied by Graeme Clegg the modern day innovator of colostrum lunched with Shauna McLean and her husband Neil at Sanctuary Cove, Queensland.
Shauna was everything the Woman's Day article described, bubbly and full of life, "dancing" as she walked from the car to the restaurant. For someone who such a short time ago was confined to a wheelchair with Multiple Sclerosis this certainly was a stunning result and one that defied "medical" explanation.

Shauna told me that she began to feel changes almost immediately after taking the first colostrum drink and her progress was amazing. Shauna talked about her periods of "Martini" like fog every morning feeling like a drunk, her inability to do anything and the pain.
She told me how her vision began to clear very quickly and now she has excellent vision, her sudden bust of energy and how the anger and depression vanished.
We talked about the tens of thousands who are following her example and the disappointment and anger she feels when the media and so called "professionals" call her a fraud without ever having known her in her darkest hours. Or having the decency to look at her medical records. She puts a lot of that down to mischievous people looking after their own interests.

Now that she is well and full of life Shauna's next mission is get her teeth fixed. She explained her teeth have suffered badly from the sudden MS type falls. She described them as a "flat on face" forward collapse and that she could not use her hands and arms to break the fall. Consequently chipped and bleeding teeth were not uncommen.

Shauna started taking the Lifeline Breakfast drink and only moved onto the Alpha Lipid Capsules when she was unable to get the Lifeline however most of her remarkable recovery was due to the Alpha Lipid Lifeline Drink.

She told me that since the article she has heard from so many ill people all over the world who have had life changing results after following her example. People with Parkinsons Disease, Diabetes Type 1&2, Depression, Motor Neuron Disease, Macular Degeneration, Muscular Dystrophy and many others are constantly in touch telling her of their experiences.
We talked about her upcoming tour of New Zealand and requests to visit the United States and how she was looking forward to travel without a wheelchair.

We also talked at length about how the new targeted products, colostem and cellworx were showing even more startling results with even better products to come as New Images R&D team had uncovered even more secrets to increasing the effectiveness of their products. The international spotlight has been shifted to this innovative way of repopulating stem cells with nutrition and thanks to Shauna's story the world now knows about it
This was one brave and remarkable woman who has come forward to tell the world her incredible story so that others may follow and have a chance at some relief from these terrible degenitive disease.

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