HairCell V3 Cellular hair treatment. Fall in love with your hair. Makes you look great and feel good. HairCell v3
HairCell v3. A breakthrough discovery that can revive Your hairs natural colour - delay or reverse the onset of grey hair - reduce dandruff and poor scalp health - increase hair density - very affordable - boost your bodies immune levels
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What is it you are buying & why HairCell Works
Haircell In Brief.
Haircell is an almost clear (yellowish) liquid that you spray on your hair after a shower or when you are going out. It travels to your hairs stem cells within the scalp and the info-peptides nourish these stimulating the colour cells and increasing hair density. Those info-peptides are also taken up by the body boosting everyday immunity as well as creating a healthy clean scalp. Haircell is a concentrated formula which you dissolve in water to make up the spray. A single purchase costs nz$30.00 for sufficient product to last 1-2 months with discounts for more than one. It is shipped free worldwide.

FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE... BECAUSE WE DON'T SHIP WATER! (Filter bags contain highly concentrated ingredients to make up 300ml or 10fl oz of product.)

HairCell is a natural hair therapy scientifically designed to deliver info-peptides (PRP) to your hair stem cells encouraging renewed cellular health.
The result is a healthy scalp, renewed hair volume, colour, shine and lustre all the while boosting your bodies immune system.

  • Can revive your hairs natural colour
  • Delays the onset of grey hair
  • Reduces Dandruff & poor scalp health
  • Increases hair health and density
  • Makes your hair look good & feel good
  • Just spray on, comb in, feel the difference
  • Works well on all types of hair, male or female
  • Boost your bodies immune system & your good health
This is one of the best natural treatments you will ever put on your hair. It is produced in green New Zealand where the breakthrough concentrated colostrum extract has been developed.
HairCell V3 is not a magic 'wave the wand and all will be fixed' solution to poor hair and scalp health. It is designed to be used daily (or more often) over a period of time so that the changes are natural and lasting.

Contains a highly concentrated extract derived from 100% natural colostrum consisting of immunoglobulin (Ig) antibodies and other immune factors that help support your cellular health and immune systems.
This product is a breakthrough product using the hairs stem cells to deliver Sialyl Oligosaccharides, Info-peptides (PRP) and Bio-factor proteins: IGF-1, IGF-2, TGF-a to your hair and provide support for a healthy body.

What are you buying.
HairCell comes to you in a filter bag much like a tea bag which you seep in cold water to make up the spray on product. The concentrated extract from medical grade colostrum has been concentrated to such an extent you need 1.25 grams for 300 mls of water. The filter bag contains 4 grams which make up a very powerful solution. The other main ingredient is certified organic and of the highest grade possible and is concentrated to the level of 100:1 meaning 100 mls of water to 1 gram and in our filter bag we have 3 grams.
Combined these make a very powerful solution from such a small package and save substantial amounts on shipping.

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